Healthcare is increasingly evolving towards digitalisation: from the development of electronic health records, of teleconsultation and tele-expertise is thriving and connected objects are on the rise. It is evident that threats and potential damages to healthcare critical infrastructures due to cyberattacks require a fortification of the security features in the industry.

The PANACEA Research & Innovation Action, referred to as PANACEAresearch, will be the field demonstration that security stems from awareness of one own’s cyber vulnerabilities, enabling healthcare facilities to assess the nature and severity of a threat, and sustainably decide to adopt strategies to strengthen its preparedness and response.

PANACEAresearch will deliver a Dynamic Risk Management Platform, through assessment and penetration tests supporting information sharing across organisational boundaries. Data will be collected not only from local IT structures but also from remote infrastructure and from IoT devices based on Secure Information Sharing Platform (SISP).

On one hand, PANACEAresearch will address the need to respond swiftly to a complex, multi-faceted cyber threat landscape, on the other hand, it will addres the need for highly-skilled cybersecurity professionals to help reduce cyber risks in healthcare.

As general impacts, PANACEAresearch looks to:

  • Reinforce Europe’s position as a key security provider for Healthcare IT systems;
  • Allow for a continued development and improvement of fully tailored identity management and secure data management solutions for Healthcare;
  • Proceed with the development of new products such as Connected Object management platforms to secure connected medical devices;
  • Accelerate its growth in the Healthcare ecosystem to attract more customers and to increase its market share with the target to reach $2bn revenues by 2020;
  • Extend and reinforce its European network of stakeholders and decision makers