More than in other industries, the mission of the healthcare sector implies that cybersecurity is not only financially, but also socially relevant in that cyber-attacks put patient safety and personal health data at risk while also threatening the operational continuity of a service. Yet it has consistently been the top target for cyber-attacks in recent years. 

PANACEA has developed a Toolkit as an integrated solution for cybersecurity in healthcare, helping healthcare organisations assess and improve their cybersecurity readiness and resilience. Together, these tools enable a multi-faceted, organisation-wide approach to cybersecurity across technology, people, and processes. 

Launched in March 2022 as a virtual organisation, the PANACEA Healthcare Cybersecurity Advisory Service (PHCAS) supports the adoption of the Toolkit, whether as standalones or integrated solution. The Advisory Service is led by PANACEA partners committed to supporting healthcare organisations on their journey towards cybersecurity. 

Each tool, including the integrated use of the Toolkit, has been tested in real-world hospital settings, backed by end-user testimonials, spanning: