The PANACEA Toolkit featured in the PLATINUM magazine

02 December 2021

Hospitals are considered as "critical infrastructures" for cybersecurity, where technical risks come from a connected network of medical devices and work stations, obsolete IT systems not designed for security alongside the shift towards remote working, often with unprotected devices.

A Panacea for Health Cybersecurity

09 August 2021

The article by the Huffington Post introduces the PANACEA project and the importance of investing in health security, above all after the recent attacks to the HSE in Ireland and to the Lazio health region in Italy. Sabina Magalini, project coordinator, stresses that the project identifies vulnerabilities in the health sector and that many of those are related to human behaviours. For this reason PANACEA offers, besides security systems and models, also behaviour nudging systems, in order to create a culture of awareness and security among the hospital staff.

Biometrics in healthcare: talks about the PANACEA Toolkit

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Cybersecurity in hospitals, Panacea Research: people are the key

20 November 2020

Panacea Research project, coordinated by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, gathers cybersecurity experts, engineers, doctors, nurses, lawyers and psychologists from all around Europe to fill the cybersecurity gaps in the healthcare sector, too vulnerable and crucial to become victim of cyber attacks.

Full article in italian available here:

A human-centric approach to Cyber Security: PANACEA Research a Year on - on The Blockchain healthcare Daily

23 January 2020

The Blockchain Healthcare Daily's release of January 23 talks about the PANACEA Research project

Hospitals: personal data breach alert after the last informatic attack. The situation at Policlinico Gemelli of Rome

22 January 2019

After the last big informatic attack, causing over 20 million people to change their profiles and password, the protection of personal data has become a priority in any sector, included healthcare.

While hospitals could be imagined as safe places, they are actually a key target: patients' data might be sold to companies for their profit, hospital devices could be easily and suddenly knocked out.

The Policlinico Gemelli of Rome, together with 14 european partners, is taking part in a research project funded by 5 million euro of EU funding. 

Attacchi informatici - In ospedale arriva Panacea

08 May 2019

Benessere - Attacchi informatici - In ospedale arriva Panacea


Cybersecurity: Progetto europeo per la difesa dagli attacchi informatici in ospedale

22 January 2019

News Personal Reporter: "Cybersecurity: Progetto europeo per la difesa dagli attacchi informatici in ospedale"