Safeguarding our healthcare systems against cyberattacks

21 July 2022

Healthcare digitisation comes in hand with a risk for cyberattacks. A European project developed a holistic, people-centric and organisation-oriented toolkit for cybersecurity.

PANACEA In the Media Spotlight - Interview with Pasquale Mari on Italian National Radio

21 February 2022

On 18 February 2022, Pasquale Mari, Deputy Coordinator of PANACEA, was interviewed by RAI Radio 3 Mondo, the Italian national broadcaster, on the crippling effects of a cyber-attack on healthcare organisations, bringing down IT systems and severely affecting business continuity. Read more!

HSE cyber-attack: a wake-up call for healthcare right across Europe | Workshop highlights

16 February 2022

On 9 February, three European projects, CUREX, PANACEA and SPHINX have co-organised an event to show how their solutions could be used to avoid cyber-attacks and mitigate their impacts.

Lessons learnt from PANACEA on the cyber-protection of hospitals and care centres

27 January 2022

A new white paper focused on the benefits brought by the PANACEA Toolkit to prevent healthcare organisations from being assaulted by cyberattacks has been released. Read more & download it!

Cyberthreats to Hospitals: Panacea, a Toolkit for People-Centric Cybersecurity

06 October 2021

The paper 'Cyberthreats to Hospitals: Panacea, a Toolkit for People-Centric Cybersecurity' has been published in the Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability. This work explains why cyberattacks may have significant effects on the provision of health services and which concrete measures can be implemented to strengthen the healthcare organisations security.

PANACEA participation in the EMBC 2021

19 July 2021

The 43rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society is the world’s largest international biomedical engineering conference and is taking place online from 31 October to 4 November 2021.

Promoting Cybersecurity Culture Change in Healthcare

15 July 2021

The paper 'Promoting Cybersecurity Culture Change in Healthcare' has been recently published on the ACM Digital Library and presented by Dr. Lynne Coventry during the PETRA 2021 conference.

New PANACEA publication on supporting secure health information exchange

A new PANACEA research paper has been published on supporting secure health information exchange as part of the Frontiers on Digital Health series - connected health: status and trends. 

Effective training in cybersecurity in the new era of staff remotisation: Practical solutions, tools & opportunities with

25 March 2021

A one-day virtual event exploring the value of cyber training in the era of remote working, implications emerging from the evolving threat landscape and opportunities for customised training packages.  

EHMA Annual Conference 2021

16 March 2021

EHMA 2021 shines the spotlight on best practices for healthcare management. Deadline for submitting abstract papers: 3 May 2021.