Key Findings of PANACEA research on a people-centric approach to cyber security in hospitals

PANACEA’s investigation into cyber security reveals a lack of the required levels of cyber security across countries and healthcare organisations. Issues are multiple, from insecure behaviour to a lack of awareness about the many different types of cyber risks associated with such behaviour. Webinar: Strengthening Europe's Cyber Capacity Building

This webinar zooms in how is helping to improve cybersecurity skills and training through tailored learning paths and an advanced cyber range. 

PANACEA Research Result: Cyber security, models of health services and medical device life-cycles

Insights from PANACEA's investigations into health organisation models, medical device and systems lifecycles are the starting point for developing its multi-faceted toolkit for people-centric cybersecurity in healthcare. 

Webinar on 26.09 - Cyber security for Healthcare: Human and Legal Perspectives

This webinar brings key insights into human and legal Perspectives of cybersecurity in healthcare, including PANACEA's findings on the threat landscape and a novice's guide to the GDPR. 

Online surveys: Opportunity to share experiences and knowledge on cybersecurity in healthcare

PANACEA has launched a series of surveys on priority requirements to improve cybersecurity in healthcare. 

Healthcare Institutions: why cybersecurity is not just for CISOs

New study finds that the growing use of medical and IoT devices is increasing the cyber threat surface in healthcare organisations. 

Phishing attack at a US university and teaching hospital leads to patient class-action lawsuit

Patients of UConn Health fight back against failure to protect their personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) in significant data breach after a large-scale phishing attack.  

PANACEA Research Video: The Journey to a people-centric Approach to Cybersecurity in Healthcare

PANACEA Research embarks on a challenging journey to improve cybersecurity in healthcare by combining the best technologies with risk governance and human factors to ensure a people-centric approach.