PETRA Conference 2021

16 March 2021

PETRA 2021 focuses on computational and engineering approaches to improving quality of life for at-risk citizens. 

Takeaways from the Cybersecurity Standards Conference February 2021

Take-home messages from the joint CEN-CENELEC, ETSI and ENISA conference on cybersecurity standards conference


Call for papers on Security and Privacy in Distributed Healthcare Environments | Deadline April 20 2021

18 February 2021

Publication opportunity: Security and Privacy in Distributed Healthcare Environments - Deadline for paper submission extended to 20.04.2021! 

Driving Innovations in Healthcare with 5G and Smart Networks: watch the webinar recording!

05 February 2021

Watch the recording of the 5G-IA and NetWorld2020 hosted in October 2020

New PANACEA Video on Security-by-Design Framework

Video on the PANACEA tools for Secure Design Support Platform and Compliance Support based on deep understanding of healthcare dynamics so staff can focus on saving lives. 


PANACEA: An EU Response to Security-by-Design

The healthcare sector is afflicted by cyber-attacks threatening not just patient data but also their lives. Despite the many challenges, a group of European projects is taking significant steps towards building resilience through security and privacy by design approaches. 


ICEGOV 2020: Spotlight on the PANACEA socio-technical model for privacy, safety and security

New research paper on the PANACEA socio-technical model designed to ensure privacy, safety and security in public and private healthcare organisations presented at ICEGOV 2020. 

EAB RPC 2020: Spotlight on Biometrics in the PANACEA research project

At the virtual EAB RPC 2020 conference PANACEA presented its solution for human-to-machine authentication and key contributions to standardisation work on the use of biometrics for identity management in healthcare. 


Announcement: Open Public Electronic Tender on Security-by-Design for Medical Devices

Extended deadline and new docmentation for this PANACEA Research public tender: Services for the development, application and validation of methods / techniques of design and implementation of Medical Devices based on the "Security by Design" methodology

Application Deadline: 06.11.2020