14 February 2022

Video recording from the event "HSE cyber-attack: a wake-up call for healthcare right across Europe | How European funded research can boost your cyber resilience in 2022".

08 April 2021

To help unleash the full potential of biometrics in healthcare, PANACEA is feeding related use case requirements into international standardisation with a technical report with the international standards body, ISO

06 April 2020

In this fireside chat with Peter Daly, Chief Emergency Management Officer at HSE Ireland, we zoom in on the main drivers for cybersecurity in healthcare.

20 January 2020

Meet PANACEA consortium in this short video describing our projects in three words: Ambitious, Innovative, Human-centric, but above all Challenging!

17 December 2019
A year into the PANACEA Research project, the project's partners tell us about the challenges and ambitions.

21 January 2018
PANACEAresearch delivers a complete cybersecurity toolkit providing a holistic approach for Health Care Institutions made up of a combination of technical and non-technical tools.