During its funding lifecycle (January 2019 - February 2022), PANACEA created several synergies with peer projects and clustering activities through cyberwatching.eu. The organic synergy with CUREX and SPHINX evolved over the project’s lifecycle, from joint workshops and publications to the dissemination of complementary results through the European Commission’s Horizon Results Booster, thereby expanding on the impacts achieved as the three projects reach market maturity.

Clustering with cyberwatching.eu spans participation in several webinars on risk management and security-by-design frameworks, including short video demos of related tools within its integrated Toolkit. One major outcome of this clustering is a dedicated research hub on cybersecurity for healthcare, with contributions from PANACEA, CUREX, DEFeND, PAPAYA and SPHINX, covering regulatory challenges, innovations and solutions, stakeholder benefits and impacts. On top of this, PANACEA has regularly updated entries in its dedicated project space on cyberwatching.eu: the R&I Project Hub.


The Final Event in February 2022 was jointly organised with CUREX and SPHINX, under the title: HSE cyber-attack: a wake-up call for healthcare right across Europe | How European funded research can boost your cyber resilience in 2022. As the title suggests, part of the event focused on the ransomware attack on the Irish national health services, HSE, in May 2021, with a compelling and highly narrative on how it happened and the diverse recovery phases. Another key feature was the joint catalogue on complementary solutions that can help avoid or mitigate the attack and support recovery phases. Insightful data about participants (300+) at the time of registration shed light on varying levels of awareness of cybersecurity priorities across healthcare organisations in Europe. The event also brought insights from DG CONNECT at the European Commission and ENISA, the EU agency for cybersecurity. Time-stamped recording and presentations are available online.


Some of these insights fed into the joint webinar organised under the HRB umbrella, which zoomed in on Cyber Fortification in Healthcare against Hybrid Threats in March 2022. CUREX, PANACEA and SPHINX shared insights on emerging trends targeting critical infrastructures like healthcare in times of conflict and peace. Other key features were flash talks on complementary solutions in the face of these emerging trends supported by EU R&I funding. DG CONNECT also shared insights on upcoming EU funding opportunities under the Digital Europe Programme. A key outcome was pre-event participant polling about cybersecurity priorities in healthcare, which successfully increased sector understanding on the instrumental role of top management in budget approval and implementation. Recording and presentations are available online.

Other outputs from the HRB services include a video pill and a policy brief in flier format, covering both complementary solutions and insights stemming from research findings and specific challenges that each project has aimed to overcome.