On 9 July 2020, PANACEA took the first steps towards forming a synergy on joint exploitation of results on cybersecurity and privacy within Horizon 2020 through the support of cyberwatching.eu. 

PANACEA partners from the Gemelli University Hospital in Rome and Trust-IT Services joined a call with six peer R&I projects: DEFEND, GUARD, FENTEC, PAPAYA, SAPPAN and SealedGRID to explore new opportunities for lightweight synergies aimed at improving market readiness levels and defining joint actions moving forward. 

Lyssandrides Georgios, DG RTD at the European Commission, walked participants through the Horizon Results Platform, as a major platform for the dissemination and exploitation of project results. A single link ensures all results are available and searchable in the platform while enabling projects with similar market and technology levels to work together. The common denominator is a similar Marketing Readiness Level (MRL) at a given time in their execution. 

A presentation was then given on the EC’s recently launched initiative, the Horizon Results Booster, and the cyberwatching.eu marketplace as two additional opportunities underpinning the dissemination and exploitation of results. 

First in the spotlight was the Cyberwatching Project Radar, a tool that feeds in a minimum, maximum and median MRL based on project entries in CORDIS.eu. Top performers are in the centre of the radar. Projects are then invited to test the tool and make any adjustments. The next step lies in feeding the data entries into the cyberwatching.eu marketplace, an online hub focusing on products, services and solutions for cybersecurity and privacy coming from European research projects and small businesses. 

Complementing these opportunities for European projects is the Horizon Results Booster, which offers three main services: Dissemination through clustering; exploitation potential; access to markets with a results-oriented approach, including go-to-market strategies and business planning. 

The projects are now set to define the next steps with the support of cyberwatching.eu, such as a joint webinar on a common topic or stakeholder group, as well as virtual and physical events such as ICT2020 and Twenty2X in 2021.

DEFEND (Data Governance for Supporting GDPR): A platform to empower organisations in different sectors to assess and comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Healthcare is one of the sectors targeted. Hence the good synergy potential with PANACEA. 

FENTEC (Increasing trustworthiness of ICT solutions by developing Functional ENcryption TEChnologies): New Functional Encryption (FE) as an efficient alternative to the all-or-nothing approach of traditional encryption. 

GUARD (cybersecurity framework to GUArantee Reliability and trust for Digital service chains): Platform for the protection of digital business chains that encompasses two main dimensions: service integrity and data sovereignty.

PAPAYA (Platform for privacy preserving data analytics): Dedicated privacy preserving data analytics modules that will enable data owners to extract valuable information from this protected data, while being cost-effective and accurate. Healthcare is one of the sectors targeted. Hence the good synergy potential with PANACEA. 

SAPPAN (Sharing and automation for privacy-preserving attack neutralisation): Collaborative, federated, and scalable attack detection to support response activities and allow for timely responses to newly emerging threats supporting different privacy-levels. 

SealedGRID (Scalable, trusted and interoperable platform for secured smart grid): Combining technologies like Blockchain, Distributed Hash Tables, Trusted Execution Environments, and OpenID Connect. 

Concrete steps will now be taken around common priorities for security- and privacy-by-design solutions made in Europe and targeting the healthcare sector through a synergy between DEFEND, PANACEA and PAPAYA.