Wednesday, 23 September, 2020
Virtual conference

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, ENISA, is organising a series of virtual eHealth Security conferences in cooperation with the Danish Health Authority on cybersecurity in the healthcare sector. 

The first session on 23.09.2020, from 14:00-16:00, is dedicated to Cybersecurity in Healthcare in Times of a Pandemic

COVID-19 has tested the healthcare sector to its limits: Increasing the threat surface of a highly vulnerable industry. Malicious actors have seized the pandemic as an opportunity to inflict direct or collateral damage through a relentless series of phishing campaigns and ransomware attacks as hospitals have mobilised resources to frontline operations to manage such an extraordinary emergency. Thereby further increasing their vulnerabilities. 

To counter these challenges, the cybersecurity community has come together to support the healthcare sector as the pandemic evolves. 

Session 1 Agenda

  • Keynote (14:00-14:30): Cybersecurity in Healthcare in times of pandemic, Vibeke van der Sprong, Deputy Director General of the Danish Health Data Authority, Denmark. 
  • Panel discussion (14:30-15:30): Sharing experiences and provide recommendations for cybersecurity in healthcare:
    • Albert Haro Abad, Chief Information Security Officer at CESICAT, Spain.
    • Sabina Magalini, Senior Surgeon at the Policlinico University Hospital, and Assistant Professor at UNICATT, Italy and Coordinator of PANACEA.
    • Martin Konir, CIO of the Bulovka Hospital, Czech Republic.
  • Q&A open session (15:30-16:00). 
  • Moderator: Dimitra Liveri, Network and Information Security Expert at ENISA

To join the event through on ENISA online platform, click here