Thursday, 23 July, 2020
Virtual conference

HCI International Conference 2020 takes place virtually 19-24 July. The main themes of the conference are: Human-computer interaction and Human interface and the management of information.

PANACEA is showcasing its research findings and solutions to improve cyber security in healthcare with a paper-based presentation on Thursday 23 July 2020, from 14:00-16:00 CEST in the session on HCI for Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust.

The presentation is entitled Cyber Risk in Healthcare: Exploring Facilitators and Barriers to Secure Bahaviour, zooming in on key findings on typical behaviours by hospital staff related to cyber security. 

The talk will also present the PANACEA tool for Secure Behaviour Nudging. 

PANACEA partners contributing to the conference paper are from both research and healthcare organisations:

  • University of Northumbria: Prof. Lynne Coventry, Dr Dawn Branley-Bell, Elizabeth Sillence.
  • Gemelli University Hospital/Catholic University of the Sacred Heart: Dr. Med. Sabina Magalini, Pasquale Mari.
  • 7th Health Region of Crete: Aimilia Magkanaraki, Kalliopi Anastasopoulou.

Overall, the HCI conference explores how a large group of people that need to access or have accessibility of ICT but who find it difficult to learn, work or live in an increasingly "technified" world, young and old. We need to find a different approach to creating products and solutions that are accessible and usable by everyone. The key question is: Can our emerging technologies, and a new social contract between consumers and industry, allow us to create such an alternate approach to accessibility and extended usability? 

More information about the conference: