Monday, 23 November, 2020
Online is organising a cycle of webinars to increase resilience to cyber attacks in a rapidly evolving landscape of threats:  Cybersecurity Risk Management: How to strengthen Resilience and Adapt in 2021

The webinar on 23rd November zooms in on best practices around cyber risks, explaining what companies of all sizes need to prioritise and how to build their resistance to IT vulnerabilities and malicious actors. 

Key insights will come from some of Europe's top experts, spanning the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), Digital SME Alliance, Aon and ISO/IEC. They will be guiding the audience on standardisation and certification, understanding organisational risks, protecting small businesses and implementing IT security standards. 

PANACEA is part of the panel with peer projects showing what new solutions for risk managers are emerging in the next few years through Europe's investments in research and innovation. 

Fabrizio De Vecchis, RHEA group, is presenting the project's Dynamic Risk Management Platform, explaining how it has been designed to help improve cyber security in healthcare. The DRMP is part of a Toolkit being developed through a user centric approach to ensure hospital staff and patients can focus on safety and well-being as their primary function while building resilience to attacks. 

Fabrizio will be joined by peer projects representing SECONDO, CYBERSURE, RESISTO, GEIGER and CUREX, giving a well-round view on upcoming innovations. 

More information and the full agenda are available in the official website.


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