The Identity Management Platform for Human to Machine authentication (IMP H2M) is designed to make sure that users of a medical system or medical device are known to the hospital system and are really who they claim to be.

The tool allows user authentication based on two authentication factors, which are the biometry (who you are), and a smartphone (what you have). The design of the system is based on several requirements defined by field observations and interviews with different actors in the healthcare eco-system. The IMP H2M tool brings many innovative points to the security of the hospital Information technology system as it resolves credential sharing issues with a secure, frictionless and GDPR compliant solution.

The PANACEA project IMP H2M platform guarantees an access control solution that is

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for workstations / devices shared across many users
  • Secure
  • Affordable
  • Easy to integrate to the existing IT infrastructure
  • GDPR Compliant



The IMP H2M is addressed to:

  • Device providers and vendors
  • Information Security Officers
  • Public Health Authorities (governmental markets linked to the ministry of health to manage at the regional or local level health records)




Watch the video and learn more about the IMP H2M!