The Secure Behaviour Nudging Tool (SbNT) is designed to help staff responsible for encouraging cybersecure behaviours within a healthcare organisation. Designed by a team of behaviour change experts, the SBNT is a toolkit of evidence-driven techniques and methodologies built around established psychological theories.The SbNT offers a range of innovative tools to assist the user in identifying:

  1. Insecure behaviour in the workplace
  2. Factors driving this behaviour and barriers to secure behaviour
  3. Appropriate techniques and ‘nudges’ to encourage more secure behaviour
  4. Tools to assess and re-assess the organisation’s cybersecurity position and needs on a reiterative basis

The SbNT gives PANACEA stakeholders a solution that complements technology and policy approaches by addressing real human behaviours which are  impacting cybersecurity, using a theory driven approach to identify the underlying reasons for the behaviours, and barriers to change.



The tool is designed for:

  • Healthcare providers Managers in charge for managing staff behaviour and education
  • Information Technology Managers
  • Information Security Officers
  • Risk Managers



Watch the video and learn more about the Secure Behaviour Nudging Tool!