The Secure Information Sharing  Platform (SISP) is one of the technological tools of the PANACEA Solution Toolkit designed to deliver a secure sharing support tool enabling healthcare personnel to coordinate and share healthcare information in near real time within their own organisation and with external organisations.  

The SISP enables healthcare professionals to exchange healthcare information more efficiently and more securely than the current baseline, by promoting interoperable file formats, cryptographic methods and a mutual trust model. Information sharing can be performed between different healthcare organisations, across borders and between organisations within a single country.

Distributed and centralised deployment models are available in the SISP, which can support the sharing of customisable types of data (including data of big size, such as hi-res images), in full support of GDPR. Security is also taken into consideration, with a full support of certificates and encrypted communications.



The SISP is designed for:

  • Information Technology Managers
  • Information Security Officers
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Public Health Managers
  • Publich Health Authorities
  • Medical Staff involved in clinical information sharing





Watch the video and learn more about the SISP!