This paper (January 2013) highlights drivers for the increasing adoption of eHealth, both in terms of technology advances and legislative incentives, including the use of biometrics. 

Abstract: Remote health monitoring solutions are increasingly combining biometric health measurements with biometric identification of patients. At the same time the advance of low cost and cloud-based platforms are making e-health devices more affordable and accessible. The US has recently implemented the Medicare 30-Day Readmission Rule, penalising hospitals that readmit patients within 30 days of discharge, further driving e-health initiatives.

PANACEA Research perspectives: PANACEA has conducted research on secure interconnectivity, authentication and interoperability aspects in healthcare organisations. An exemplary direction of research is the authentication of a user via a smartphone, tablet or laptop equipped with a standard camera, in order to access specific resources over a wireless broadband network (i.e. using biometric or other type of authentication mechanisms), preventing any malicious activity to a medical constrained domain.

Keywords: biomerics, digital health

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