This paper (March 2019) estimates the IoT-based healthcare system market using a substantial body of theoretical and empirical research data, including data replication. 

Data sources: Deloitte, HIS, McKinsey&Co., The NPD Group, PAC, and Statista.

Methods: Analyses and estimates regarding the total available market for Internet of Things technology by 2025, worldwide revenue forecast of the home healthcare device and service market, usage penetration of medical, health, and fitness-related apps in the U.S., estimated R&D budget allocation towards the development of connected medical technologies today and in five years’ time, U.S. wearable ownership by demographics, the extent to which medtech organisations are collaborating with patients and health care providers in response to connected medical devices, and the preparedness of connected medical device manufacturers towards the implementation of industry specific and wider regulatory changes.

PANACEA Research perspectives: PANACEA is conducting its own market study on cybersecurity in healthcare from diverse perspectives, spanning biometrics, medical devices, threat modelling and analysis, security-by-design, authentication and authorisation, among others. The paper cited here is one of the reference documents for its market perimeter analysis. 

Keywords: IoT-based healthcare market. 

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