A human-centric approach to Cyber Security: PANACEA Research a Year on

21 January 2020


Last year, on 21-22 January 2019, the PANACEA Research partners gathered together for the very first time, for the project kick-off at the renowned Gemelli University Hospital in Rome.

IPRED - The 6th International Conference on Preparedness & Response to Emergencies & Disasters

12 January 2020 to 15 January 2020
Tel Aviv, Shamir Medical Center - Israel

The Israeli Ministry of Health and the Home Front Command hosted the Sixth Israeli International Conference on Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters. The conference provided an opportunity for professionals from around the world to share the latest findings and new experiences concerning health system readiness for disasters and emergencies of all types.

UCSC attended the conference on behalf of the PANACEAresearch project during the session concerning cyber security.

Key Findings of PANACEA Research on cyber risk scenarios in healthcare organisations

04 January 2020

PANACEA Research has investigated cyber risk scenarios from multiple perspectives in the context of healthcare organisations. These include cyber-attack-driven, regulatory-driven and behaviour-driven risk analyses.

PANACEA Research: challenges and ambitions - New video just released!

06 December 2019


A year into the PANACEA Research project, we've heard from our partners about the challenges and ambitions of promoting a people-centric, secure environment in healthcare systems throughout Europe.

The project's goal is to improve the technological and human defences of healthcare organisations as a whole ecosystem, and to boost their cybersecurity level, by following a holistic approach focused on the human aspect.

EC's Science and Knowledge service proposes a European Cybersecurity Taxonomy:

06 December 2019

Cybersecurity plays a fundamental role in ensuring that advantages, rather than risks, arise from the digitalisation of our society.


Key Findings of PANACEA research on a people-centric approach to cyber security in hospitals

02 December 2019

PANACEA’s investigation into cyber security reveals a lack of the required levels of cyber security across countries and healthcare organisations. Issues are multiple, from insecure behaviour to a lack of awareness about the many different types of cyber risks associated with such behaviour.

PANACEA Research 1st Technical Meeting in Rome @ Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza"

07 November 2019 to 08 November 2019

Almost one year into the PANACEA Research Project (January 2019), the consortium partners behind the technology innovations met in Rome on 7-8 of November to discuss the advances in some specific work packages of the project.

Strengthening European efforts in Cyber Capacity Building

22 October 2019

Enhancing cybersecurity capacity building is quickly becoming a priority for governments, international organisations and private sector.
While the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals continues to accelerate, organizations are struggling to find the right talent to fill jobs.

PANACEA Research Result: Cyber security, models of health services and medical device life-cycles

24 September 2019

PANACEA Research is designing, developing and deploying a Toolkit for people-centric cyber security in healthcare. The Toolkit spans four technical tools: A Dynamic Risk Management Platform, a Secure Information Sharing Platform, a Secure Design Support Platform, an Identity Management Platform, and five non-technical tools: A Training and Education for Cybersecurity Tool, a Resilience Governance Tool, a Secure Behaviours Nudging Tool, a Value Assessment Tool and an Implementation Guidelines Tool.

"Privacy: limit or opportunity"? PANACEA Research joins the event on technologies and health data in Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies:

18 September 2019
School of Advanced Studies Sant'Anna, Pisa - Italy

PANACEA Research has joined the discussions at the round table “Privacy: limit or opportunity? Examples of new technologies and health data" in the School of Advanced Studies Sant'Anna.