28 June 2019

New research conducted by the cybersecurity company Carbon Black, involving 20 healthcare CISOs (chief information security officers) has shown that over the last few years 83% of healthcare organizations have acknowledged a rise in cyberattacks and that these attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

According to the study, this is also a consequence of the increased adoption of medical and IoT devices, resulting in a larger attack surface in the healthcare sector. The key issue is that the growing use of connected devices does not come with an increase in cybersecurity staffing and budget. As a result, these devices are an extremely easy target for hackers and cyber-criminals. Check out the video from PANACEA Kick Off Meeting to learn about the dangers of connected devices and how it is important to protect them from cyber attacks.

On the other hand, the rise in cyberattacks is leading to greater awareness of the risks among healthcare institutions. Educating employees about best IT and network security practices is a crucial step towards better risk management in a complex sector like healthcare.

Awareness is indeed an important component of prevention, but needs to be followed by an action. A key feature of PANACEA's research and innovation is Behaviour Nudging aimed a prompting medical and IT staff towards better cyber practices in their daily work.