New PANACEA publication on supporting secure health information exchange

A new PANACEA research paper has been published on supporting secure health information exchange as part of the Frontiers on Digital Health series - connected health: status and trends. 

Effective training in cybersecurity in the new era of staff remotisation: Practical solutions, tools & opportunities with

25 March 2021

A one-day virtual event exploring the value of cyber training in the era of remote working, implications emerging from the evolving threat landscape and opportunities for customised training packages.  

EHMA Annual Conference 2021

16 March 2021

EHMA 2021 shines the spotlight on best practices for healthcare management. Deadline for submitting abstract papers: 3 May 2021.

PETRA Conference 2021

16 March 2021

PETRA 2021 focuses on computational and engineering approaches to improving quality of life for at-risk citizens. 

Takeaways from the Cybersecurity Standards Conference February 2021

Take-home messages from the joint CEN-CENELEC, ETSI and ENISA conference on cybersecurity standards conference


Call for papers on Security and Privacy in Distributed Healthcare Environments | Deadline April 20 2021

18 February 2021

Publication opportunity: Security and Privacy in Distributed Healthcare Environments - Deadline for paper submission extended to 20.04.2021! 

Driving Innovations in Healthcare with 5G and Smart Networks: watch the webinar recording!

05 February 2021

Watch the recording of the 5G-IA and NetWorld2020 hosted in October 2020

New PANACEA Video on Security-by-Design Framework

Video on the PANACEA tools for Secure Design Support Platform and Compliance Support based on deep understanding of healthcare dynamics so staff can focus on saving lives. 


PANACEA: An EU Response to Security-by-Design

The healthcare sector is afflicted by cyber-attacks threatening not just patient data but also their lives. Despite the many challenges, a group of European projects is taking significant steps towards building resilience through security and privacy by design approaches.