PANACEA Research is investigating national, pan-EU and global policy measures and regulations on cybersecurity and healthcare to help stakeholders keep up to speed on relevant changes. This Lookout Watch also covers global trends in cybersecurity to increase awareness of the threats facing the healthcare sector. On top of this, the Watch features research on these topics. Feel free to send us your research and other documents that can feed into the Watch, using this form


ENISA: Security and Resilience in eHealth Security Challenges and Risks

Recommendations for EU Member State on their approaches and measures to protect critical healthcare systems 

Analysis of the Growth of Security Breaches: A Multi-growth Model Approach

This paper (2018) examines growth models of security breaches using multiple components. 

An Investigation into Healthcare-Data Patterns

This paper (January 2019) investigates a modelling data flow in healthcare infrastructures.

Trends in Malware Attacks against United States Healthcare Organisations, 2016-2017

The threat of cyber-attacks in the healthcare sector began as an important risk several years ago, putting the safety of patients at risk.

Cybersecurity Indexes for eHealth

This study (January 2019) investigates cybersecurity indexes relevant to the healthcare sector.

Systematic literature review and metadata analysis of ransomware attacks and detection mechanisms

This paper (May 2019) is a systematic review of the anatomy of ransomware with the aim of serving as a benchmark for researchers in proposing a novel ransomware detection methodo

Why Employees (Still) Click on Phishing Links: An Investigation in Hospitals

This research paper (February 2019) explores behavioural patterns related to information security in healthcare using the theory of planned behaviour with integrated trust theories. 

Big data security and privacy in healthcare: A Review

This research paper (2017) highlights security and privacy issues related to the increasing use of data-enabled technologies in the fields of medicine, biomedicine and healthcare

Cybersecurity in healthcare: A narrative review of trends, threats and ways forward

This paper (July 2018) is an example of early research related to PANACEA, an H2020 funded research and innovation project, carried out by partners from Northumbria University.


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